The Book of Mormon on Broadway

The Book of Mormon on Broadway


The New York Times — MISSIONARY MEN WITH CONFIDENCE IN SUNSHINE — “The best musical of this century. So impeccably produced on every level. Heaven on Broadway. The Book of Mormon achieves something like a miracle. All the folks involved in Mormon prove themselves worthy, dues-paying members of the church of Broadway. A celebration of the privilege, for just a couple of hours, of living inside that improbable paradise called a musical comedy.”

Entertainment Weekly — STAGE REVIEW: THE BOOK OF MORMON — “The perfect Broadway musical. Behold The Book of Mormon. An exhilarating Broadway musical at once revolutionary and classic, hilarious and humane, funny and obscene, uncompromising in production standards and unafraid of just about anything. This is what 21st century Broadway can be. If Broadway has the balls. Lord knows, The Book of Mormon does. I’m sold; I believe in The Book of Mormon.”

The Chicago Tribune — ‘THE BOOK OF MORMON’ ON BROADWAY: MORMONS, MISSIONARIES AND MUSIC FROM ‘SOUTH PARK’ TEAM — “The Book of Mormon surely goes further than any other musical in Broadway history. Shrewd, hilariously profane, remarkably well-crafted and wholly hilarious. A night more emotional than many will expect.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer — THE BOOK OF MORMON, OR HOW WE OFFENDED EVERYONE AND KEPT ‘EM LAUGHING — “The shocking thing about The Book of Mormon is that after all the production numbers that make searing fun of Mormonism, African culture, AIDS, terror, mainline religion and every Western creation myth — after all of that, the show ends up an unbridled celebration of faith. The show is a hoot — and a guilty pleasure. All the time, though, Mormon is coming full circle. The Book of Mormon is a triumph – that’s not too strong a word: For all its outrageous mockery, the show encourages you appreciate whatever creation story gives you comfort and allows you to appropriate mystery. The ultimate feel-good musical.”