The Desert Botanical Garden is home to over 10,000 plants from deserts around the world, including more than one-half of the world’s total number of cactus species. During the walking tour of the garden, visitors have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the desert. The Garden is a natural environment located on 145 acres within the beauty of Papago Park and is home to jackrabbits, squirrels, desert tortoises and other small animals. Desert succulents found throughout the garden include agaves, barrel cacti, prickly pear cactus, aloe vera, ocotillo, saguaro, and literally hundreds of others. Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert is a three-acre permanent exhibit which takes visitors through a saguaro forest, a mesquite thicket, a desert stream and an upland chaparral habitat with historic and prehistoric structures along the trail. Round-trip transportation is included.