Equestfest- December 28th Time TBA

Equestfest- December 28th  Time TBA

Location: Los Angeles Equestrian Center 480 Riverside Drive, Burbank (Main & Riverside Drive)

Transfers to Pasadena are NOT provided with this tour add on

Up close and personal… Meet many of the Equestrians you will see New Year’s Day in the ‘09 Rose Parade!

Stroll through the stables and talk to the riders. Learn about the various tack and the many different breeds. Take advantage of wonderful one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. Watch in awe as these beautiful horses and talented riders perform drills and dances, and demonstrate trick riding and roping. It’s the “wild west” brought to life!

Enjoy ongoing performances, demonstrations and exhibits! There will also be great music as well as food and beverage concessions on site.