Float Decorating (Dec 30th)

Float Decorating (Dec 30th)

Transfers to Pasadena are NOT provided with this tour add on

Location: Rose Palace 835 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena

Experience the magic of the Rose Parade floats before New Year’s Day! To see some of these magnificent floral floats in their final stages of preparation for the Rose Parade, visit any of our four locations. You will see a variety of fruit, seeds, bark, grasses and of course, breathtaking flowers being applied to the floats by hard working volunteers as well as experienced professionals.

The Rose Parade’s elaborate floats have come a long way since the Tournament’s early days. Today, float building is a multi-million dollar business. Although a few floats are built solely by volunteers from their sponsoring communities, most are built by professional float building companies.

Float construction begins shortly after the previous year’s Parade is over. The process starts with a specially built chassis, upon which is built a framework of steel and chicken wire. In a process called “cocooning”, the frame is sprayed with a polyvinyl material, which is then painted in the colors of the flowers to be applied later. Every inch of the float must be covered with flowers or other natural materials, such as leaves, seeds, or bark. Volunteer workers swarm over the floats in the days after Christmas, their hand and clothes covered with glue and petals. The most delicate flowers are placed in individual vials of water, which are set into the float one by one.