Imagine being guided through the streets of New Orleans in the dark of night. The Vieux Carre’ provides the ideal setting for the paranormal and “Ghostly Encounters.” This historical city is often the “hot spot” of scandal and within the antiquated, yet charming buildings of the French Quarter lay spicy tales of adulterous love, strange and exotic maladies of the mind, as well as tales of unspeakable slavery brutalities.

On this storytelling evening tour of the French Quarter, you will walk-by the dwellings of numerous ghostly sightings, hear of mysterious unexplained “happenings” and spine tingling depictions of spectral interaction with the current residents or employees. The accounts of pacing shadows and the day-to-day inexplicable interaction with these lost souls will tantalize the mind and shutter the soul. Listen closely as you walk the Pirates Alley, you might very well experience a sword fight in another dimension! It is said that each evening the sword bucklin’ buccaneers of Jean Lafitte ride the street, fighting and carrying on as though they were still alive!!!

*A minimum number of people are required to operate this tour. If minimums are not, you will be contacted by Premiere Global Sports and a refund will be issued to your credit card.