Upgrade - Club Endline to 20 Yard Line

Upgrade - Club Endline to 20 Yard Line


  • CLUB 101-103 D Level
  • CLUB 110-112 D Level
  • CLUB 201-203 E Level
  • CLUB 212-214 E Level
  • CLUB 1-6 E Level
  • CLUB 27-32 E Level

For the first time available at the Rose Bowl Stadium, Club Seats offer prime seating locations along with exclusive club access. With over 15,000 square feet of space, the club lounges offer Rose Bowl Club Seat Holders the opportunity to relax in a temperature-controlled lounge with a complimentary buffet, cash bars and multiple televisions while overlooking the Rose Bowl game action and the beautiful Arroyo Seco Mountains.

Professionally decorated, fully furnished and adorned with upscale features, food and beverage counter, drink rail and extra-wide, cushioned exterior seating, the Rose Bowl Club Seats provide Club Seat holders and guests with every comfort imaginable.


  • Outdoor seating with extra wide, cushioned exterior seats and cup holders
  • 36” - 40” of legroom - almost 50% more space compared to other stadium seats!
  • Private entrance, elevators and escalators
  • Access to private restrooms on the premium level
  • Concierge service
  • Access to exclusive air conditioned, 15,000 sq. ft. club lounge