Special Assistance

There is an inherent amount of walking in all tours for sporting events. Travelers should be comfortable walking upwards of one mile. We suggest that passengers are able to walk, or be able to maneuver with their own mobility vehicle.

Passengers requiring special assistance, including without limitation those who permanently or periodically use a wheelchair, must be accompanied by someone who is fit and able to assist them, and who will be completely responsible for providing all required assistance. The right is reserved to decline to accept or to retain any person as a member of this trip who, in the opinion of PrimeSport, is unfit for travel or whose physical or mental condition may constitute a danger to themselves or to others on the trip, subject only to the requirement that the portion of the total amount paid which corresponds to the unused services and accommodations be refunded.

It is necessary that you discuss the extent of your special needs with one of our tour booking agents, and that an ADA form has been completed by the agent on your behalf, if any special consideration or action is expected or requested. Please call the tour hotline with any questions.