UPGRADE YOUR Lenox Industrial Tools 301 WEEKEND

Make your Lenox Industrial Tools 301 race weekend one to remember with the following race day activities! Our travel experts suggest spending the hours before the race in the exclusive Pre-Race Pit pass and where you will enjoy the very best of Lenox Industrial Tools 301 race day hospitality! Don’t miss a second of the on track excitement with a Fan View Scanner. Call 800.924.9993 to add the following activities to your Lenox Industrial Tools 301 weekend!



New Hampshire Motor Speedway race fans can rev up their race-day experience by purchasing a pre-race pit pass!

With a pre-race pit pass, fans can experience pit road from a crew member’s perspective during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series’ LENOX Industrial Tools 301! As a bonus, guests will also have the opportunity to attend “The Magic Mile’s” Race Day Town Meeting with Bruton Smith, Jerry Gappens and other top-racing personalities.

Attire for Garage and Pits

  • Shirts and pants; dresses; and/or skirts and blouses are required.
  • Shoes are required.
  • The following are permitted: shorts, short sleeve or sleeve-less shirts and blouses, and open-toed shoes.

Again, clothing must be appropriate for a major sporting event and family environment. Bathing suites are prohibited.

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