Toyota Savemart 350 Packages

Toyota Savemart 350 Packages

Sun, June 24, 2018

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma, CA

Sonoma Raceway, formerly Infineon Raceway, is one of the premier road racing venues in the country - an experience unmatched on the Monster Energy Cup circuit. Opened in 1968, it serves as the gateway to the beautiful Sonoma Valley, one of the top wine-producing regions in the world.

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Toyoya Savemart 350 Travel Package

If you remember the classic arcade video game Pole Position, that gives you a pretty good idea of the layout of Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California, and why the Toyota/Save Mart 350 is different than any other NASCAR race. With 10 turns spread out over the two-mile track, Sonoma presents a truly unique challenge for drivers. Jeff Gordon always seems to excel over this road course with five career victories, and recent winners have included Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne and Juan Pablo Montoya. If you want Toyota Savemart 350 tickets, even after the race sells out, you can get them as part of a 2018 Toyota Savemart 350 travel package. In addition to race tickets, your package will also include hotel accommodations and transportation to the track.That makes things so much easier for you because you don’t need to worry about reserving a room or finding a place to park your car at the track.

Every year there is some debate as to whether the Toyota SaveMart 350 should even be on the NASCAR schedule, and while there are some detractors of the road course race, it does offer something completely different for both fans and drivers. And the race always attracts several new faces who had past success with Indy or F1 cars. It seems pretty clear that the Toyota Savemart 350 is here to stay, and even some of the drivers who didn’t like the race at first are now big supporters. And of course the nearly $350,000 prize paid out to the winner always attracts the top drivers. If you want to reserve a Toyota Savemart 350 package all it takes is a small deposit. also you covered if you want to attend any of the other 2018 NASCAR races in California with Auto Club 500 packages and Pepsi 400 packages for the big races at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.