About Your Stay


The euro is the currency in the Republic of Ireland (south). In Northern Ireland (GB) the pound/sterling is the main currency.

ATMs are widely available here and in our opinion you get the best rates by taking cash out of the ATMs while you are here.

There are transaction charges for taking cash out so withdrawals of larger amounts is wise.

VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted. AMEX is becoming widely accepted.

Phone & Internet

Most US travelers can now use their mobile/cell phones here in Ireland without major fuss. Prior to your trip check with your provider to see if any specific local network is advised.

There may also be a rate plan you can enroll in to ensure costs don’t get out of control.

Hotels in Ireland in general have complimentary wi-fi/broadband/dsl in rooms. Most also have business centers where you can connect your laptop and use printers and other peripherals.

Wireless access is quite good in the bigger towns and cities. Internet cafes can also be found in the populated areas.

Important Phone Numbers while you are there:

  • Police: 999
  • Directory Enquiries: 11811 and 11850
  • US Embassy: 00353 1 668-8777

Calling the US from Ireland

You may need to dial the number as follows - 001-617-555-1212

It may work as it does in the US i.e. 1-617-555-1212. Check with your provider if there is any special way of retrieving your voicemails.

Calls within Ireland

To other Irish numbers dial 00353, then area code (drop the 0 sometimes) and number.