Playing Golf in Ireland


Expect cartoon like showers at any time! The following will give you an idea of temperatures in Ireland (degrees in Fahrenheit):

  • May: 60 - 75
  • June: 65 - 85
  • July: 65 - 90
  • August: 65 - 80
  • September: 60 - 75

Outside of these five months, the weather is slightly more inhospitable, so we recommend booking your trip during this time frame.


Bring light rain gear (waterproofs - top & bottoms) for May to September trips.

Rain golf gloves are also very useful – these can be bought here. Tailored shorts are allowed at most courses but the official rule at some courses say they must be accompanied by knee high stockings.

90% of the time wearing shorts with ankle socks is not a problem. The high socks can be bought here in the pro shops. Shorts are not permitted to be worn in certain clubhouses.

Some of the clubhouses require jacket and tie for dining at the club. Some of the finer hotels like Dromoland Castle also require jacket and tie for dining.