Things to Remember


As golf equipment is nearly 50% more expensive than the US, it is best to bring balls, gloves and any golf consumables.


Tipping in restaurants is similar to the US. 10-15% is normal. It is not necessary to tip bartenders unless they bring drinks to where you are seated. The tip is then 3 to 5 euros.

At the courses tipping the starter/caddymaster is good practice as they will look after your requests with a little more attention – 20 to 40 euros is adequate for the starter.

Your driver is working towards a gratuity towards the end of the trip. The drivers are paid a daily expense for meals and accommodation. The consideration for the drivers gratuity would be based on punctuality, service, sightseeing assistance and additional hours he might do on the longer days.

Your driver will generally make himself available to you from 6:00 till 21:00. The drivers tip normally works out as follows for a week long tour – Adjust accordingly for longer tour;

  • Group of 4 – 125-175 euros per person
  • Group of 8 or more – 75 to 125 euros per person

Tipping is at your discretion where you feel it is appropriate.