View the Game in a Whole New Way

There are few things that can rival the experience of enjoying your favorite football team from the comfort of your own private luxury suite. Whether you are entertaining corporate clients, celebrating a special event, or rewarding those that are most important to your business, the stylish accommodations and VIP service of a luxury suite from Premiere Sports Travel is sure to wow even the most difficult-to-impress sports fan.


  • Convenience: attendant service provides you receive everything you desire — no waiting in line, no leaving your seat
  • Privacy: dedicated area for you and your guests, no one else (includes in-suite restrooms)
  • Comfort: watch the game from plush box seats or retire to the climate controlled lounge with HD TV and couches
  • Space: plenty of room for your entire party to relax and enjoy the game at their leisure
  • View: the best sight lines in the stadium ensure that you won’t miss a single play
  • Selection: a wide array of the finest food and drink available in the stadium
  • Special Appearances: bump elbows with All-Stars and Hall of Famers from your favorite team
  • VIP Parking: so you only lose your breath when you get to your seat
  • NFL Sunday Ticket: a must-have for the fantasy football fan in all of us
  • Information: game-day programs and roster info give you the inside scoop on the day’s action
  • Indoor Tailgating: access to the suite hours prior to kick-off, a guaranteed hit for those sub-zero Sundays

(*Inclusions and options subject to availability and may vary based on stadium or the event requested.)

For more information, including pricing and suite options available, please take a moment to complete our request form.

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