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Candlestick Park Seating Chart

Candlestick Park

With all the corporate name-shuffling in today’s sports world, sometimes even dedicated fans have a tough time keeping up with the current stadium sponsors. Such is the case with Candlestick Park in San Francisco, which in its long history has been known as 3Com Park as well as the unnecessarily lengthy San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point. But no matter what you call it, “The Stick” is one of America’s greatest stadiums.

Opened in ‘60, Candlestick was the longtime home of the San Francisco Giants, who played there for 40 years until moving to AT&T Park in 2000. Since ‘71, the San Francisco 49ers have called the stadium home and they’ve been one of the NFL’s elite teams for much of that period.

Candlestick will forever be remembered for the ‘89 World Series, when an earthquake hit just before Game 3 and millions of sports fans watched on live TV as Al Michaels and Tim McCarver were on the air when the stadium shook. The venerable stadium has also hosted a pair of MLB All-Star Games and the last major Beatles concert in ‘66.

Candlestick Park is all about NFL football now, and for San Francisco 49ers ticket holders, nothing beats watching their team at the stadium, which was recently christened as Bill Walsh Field at Candlestick Park in honor of the late, great coach who took the Niners to three Super Bowl titles.

Few 49ers fans will ever forget “The Catch,” when Joe Montana tossed the ball to Dwight Clark to win the ‘81 NFC Championship Game. That victory sent the team’s fans searching for Super Bowl tickets for the first time in the history of the franchise. The 49ers went on to win Super Bowl XVI and an NFL dynasty was born.

The list of NFL Pro Bowl players to take the field at Candlestick Park is impressive – Montana, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young and Jerry Rice to name just a few. And after some downtrodden years, the 49ers are rising once again, and San Francisco 49ers football tickets are a hot item in the Bay area. Candlestick Park’s time is winding down, as the 49ers are set to move into a new stadium for the 2012 season, but until then NFL fans will continue to flock to watch the Niners play at the historic stadium.