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 Seating Chart

Gelsenkirchen Stadium

Gelsenkirchen Stadium has already created quite a buzz with soccer fans around the world. This modern facility was completed in ‘01 and features just about every amenity sports fans could ask for. There are large video screens that allow you to see all the action and replays, the roof is retractable, allowing an escape from inclement weather, and getting into the stadium is handled electronically, avoiding long delays. Gelsenkirchen Stadium has already played host to World Cup soccer and is scheduled to be one of several sites for Olympics trials.

Known officially as Veltins Arena and located in the German city of Gelsenkirchen, this venue served as a model for future arenas, including Arizona Stadium, home of the NFL’s Cardinals. Financed entirely by the private sector, Gelsenkirchen Stadium can hold over 61,000 fans. In addition to soccer Gelsenkirchen Stadium is also used for concerts, racing, and American style football. Visitors are often surprised by the wide variety of food available. There are 15 restaurants and 35 smaller cafes inside, as well as numerous beverage outlets and snack bars.