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Minute Maid Park Seating Chart

Welcome to Minute Maid Park. This is the home of the Houston Astros of the MLB, where you’ll find the Astros regular season games. It’s quite a change from the Astros old home. Minute Maid Park is built for baseball and gives fans the chance to enjoy America’s pastime in the outdoors while still getting protection from weather extremes. This is done by using a retractable roof when rain threatens or the day becomes uncomfortably hot, not an unusual situation in sunny Houston. The designers of Minute Maid Park must have a sense of humor, incorporating a train into left field to celebrate home runs, a flagpole on the field of play, and Chick Fil A cows to mark off the foul lines.

Since opening in 2000 Minute Maid Park has seen more than its share of great moments in baseball. The MLB All Star Game came to Minute Maid in ‘04. That was followed in ‘05 with Minute Maid Park holding the first World Series ever to appear in Texas. This is a stadium built for baseball and it lives up to the reputation. At a capacity of about 40,000 every seat in Minute Maid Stadium is a good seat.