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More than a million fans were guests at the Westfalenstadion for the 99-00 season - an absolute league record! The large number of spectators was made possible through expansion, in which the “BVB temple” became an arena of the superlative, a football opera for almost 69,000 spectators. Unique in size, type, as well as entertainment value, Borussia’s home field stands as a model for other stadium projects throughout Europe. The record time in which the ambitious project came to fruition is also unique. From the first scoop of the spade to the topping-out ceremony, the entire expansion took only 3�½ months.

As soccer begins to take root in the U.S. many fans are casting their eyes toward Europe and places like Westfalen Stadium. That’s because soccer is still a fledgling sport in America but overseas its roaring full speed ahead. To get a taste of what soccer or futbol, as the Europeans know it, let Sportstravel.com make arrangements to put you in an old world soccer stadium like Westfalen. Located in Dortmund, one of Germany’s oldest and most beautiful cities, Westfalen Stadium opened in 1974 and has seen everything from regular season games to World Cup Soccer. This venue is THE place to be for European soccer, establishing almost unbeatable attendance records year after year.

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